Civil Kat Coffee

Organic and Fair Trade, Freshly Roasted


Here at Civil Kat Coffee, we are passionate about our coffee.

We specialize in consistent, quality coffee, freshly roasted in small batches. .   

Beans in House

We source all our Green Coffee Beans from (OPTCo.) Organic Products Trading Co-op. They are a certified distributor of (FTO) Fair Trade and Organic raw coffee beans. The selection in house changes depending upon availability, but we try our best to keep a few staple beans on hand. 
All our green beans are 100% Arabica FTO certified.

Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf
Peru, Cafe Femenino 
Guatemala, Cafe Femenino
Mexico, Cafe Femenino 
Sumatra,  Cafe Femenino

Blonde Roast

A Blonde roast is the lightest in colour and flavour but the highest in caffeine. This roast will highlight the more earthy flavour notes with no exterior oil deposits, creating a coffee with mild flavour but all the get up and go you need to take on your early mornings.

Mechanic Monday

Medium Roast

A Medium Roast, is a mild roast allowing a well rounded flavour and a fair amount of caffeine. Mediums can vary from just entered into what is known as the "First Crack" to the start of the "Second Crack", this causes the beans to expand as they take on a richer colour and flavours. The scale ranges from a Breakfast Medium to a Medium-Dark, allowing complexity and flexibility. 

Georgian Bay Blend
The Market Blend
The Gentleman's Blend

Dark Roast

A Dark Roast has a full body roast that displays deep gold, brown, and black in colouration. Using a precision roasting we can offer a range of Dark-Medium to a True Dark Roast. The darker the roast, lower the caffeine and more of oils are extracted. The flavor notes are often described as Dark Chocolate, Rich and Nutty. 

The Rocky Road
The Java Junkie
The Dark Side
The Sailor's Brew

Continental and French Roast 

A Continental roast is a full body dark, the perfect coffee for an espresso lover that wants more than just a shot. This roast displays strong notes of Dark Chocolate, and a rich velvet mouth feel.
A French Roast is a the darkest roast, creating a strong bold flavour that is perfect for steam extraction. Often times a french roast is used in an Espresso based beverages. Here to help you, Espresso Yourself. ^^

The Dark Velvet Reserve 
The Ultimate Espresso 

Swiss Water Decaf

Swiss Water Decaf is made from the finest quality arabica green beans. This method is chemical free, creating a pure and flavourful organic, decaffeinated product. 

Peru Decaf Dark
Symphony Bay Blend