Civil Kat Coffee

Organic and Fair Trade, Freshly Roasted

Civil Kat Coffee is a business born out of friendship and a deep desire to master the
Art of Gourmet Food and Drink. While studying Culinary Management, Kat Healy met 
Robin Treulieb, the youngest daughter to Karen and Henner Treulieb. The Truelieb Family have been the proud owners of Kemble Mountain Roastery for the past decade. 
Kat and Robin bonded over their appreciation for quality coffee; swapping stories, tricks, and recollections of their favourite meals and drinks. The two saw each other frequently at the Owen Sound Farmer's Market and over time Kat developed a great curiosity for coffee. 
When the time came for the Treuliebs' to move on to new life adventures, Robin's first thought was Kat. It was a dream come true, and soon after the master had an apprentice. As quick learner and Robin's expertiseKat took over Kemble Mountain Roastery on June 1st 2016 and changed the name to Civil Kat Coffee. Her logo- a dapper-dressed civet cat- suggests Kat is committed to conducting her business in a courteous and civilized manor. Driven with a passion for Gourment Food and Beverage, Kat is ever pushing towards mastering the Art of Coffee.
She strives to infuse the passion that started her on this journey into every bean she roasts.

Who is The Civil Kat?

The Civil Kat, is a play on words of a Civet Cat and Kat Healy, the owner and operator of Civil Kat Coffee. The Logo is based upon  Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen, (Baron for short) the titular Cat from The Cat Returns; created by Hayao Miyazaki (2002). 

Meet Kat...

Kat Healy, a young Entrepreneur from Owen Sound. At a young age, Kat developed a love for food, which drove her to partake in the Culinary Management Program at the Local Georgian College. 
Posed along with Kat, is the Ambex Roaster, also known as Big Beautiful Red. Together we make an extraordinary Coffee Roasting Duo. 

Blend, Roast, Perfection.

At Civil Kat Coffee, we blend our beans from several different Origins in order to create signature blends. This allow us to highlight specific flavour characteristics and a smooth finish. Our goal is to provide our customers with the finest tasting coffee from bean to cup, each and every time. 

The Happy Customer

Our greatest pride and joy, a happy customer. We are always humbled to hear any and all reviews from our customers; that is how we grow, learn and are better able to serve the public the
Our greatest pride and joy is a happy customer. We're always humbled to hear reviews from our customers. Your reviews go towards helping us to grow, learn, and better serve the public.
Thanks Alex from Alverstoke Farm's for offering to be in this picture.